This week we break down the Prickly Cucumber Margarita, one of several recent additions off of Taco Republic's drink menu. A Tajín rimmed glass and jalepeños gives this marg a bit of a spicy kick, while cucumber rounds, lime juice, tequila, triple sec, and a little agave simple balance out the heat.

Prickly Cucumber Margarita


Tajín seasoning (chile peppers, salt, dehydrated lime) 3 Jalepeño slices 3 cucumber rounds 1.5 oz Cabrito Blanco tequila 1 oz triple sec 1 oz agave simple 1.25 oz lime juice

To Build:

  1. Rim margarita glass with tajín. Set aside.
  2. Add jalepeños, cucumber rounds, and ice to shaker
  3. Add tequila, triple sec, agave, and lime juice.
  4. Shake well.