Do you share a fondness for sitting just a little higher than everyone else? If so, then you'll want to check out Gram & Dun’s bar food menu, exclusive to the Gram & Dun inside and outside bar. Executive Chef, Bradley Gilmore, and his team brings a unique adaptation to your typical bar fare with revered dishes like the KC Dog and the CBS burger. And with fall right around the corner, comfort dishes like the Hot & Sour Ramen and Fried Chicken Skins are sure to warm the palate. To give you the full bar experience, we're giving you the run down of all five Bar Eats paired with our favorite libations.




KC Dog This is not your standard stadium dog. Chef Bradley doesn't usually play favorites, but with local flavors like Scimeca's All Beef and Farm & Market's pretzel bun, we can understand how this would be one of those exceptions. The Gram & Dun culinary team kicks up this dog a notch with a cherry mustard, pickled mustard seeds, and a tangy pickle lime relish.

Suggested drink pairing: Boulevard Wheat for an All-American combo of a beer + hot dog.




CBS Burger Hand-ground and hand-blended with chuck, brisket and short-rib, burgers don’t get much better with those ingredients. It's the only burger you can get during dinner at Gram & Dun, and probably the only burger you'll ever want. The CBS Burger is stacked with two 5 oz pattys, pepper jack cheese, BRGR Kitchen special sauce, homemade pickles, and Salt & Pepper bun from Farm to Market.

Signature drink pairing: Bramble Creek, of our signature bourbon drinks made with Buffalo Trace. Bourbon and burgers for the win.




Fried Chicken Skins Salty, tangy and a little spicy, the Fried Chicken Skins make for the perfect snack while sitting at the bar. Chef Bradley brings a taste of his southern roots to this dish with the addition of Texas Pete Hot Sauce and honey, two staples he grew up on in North Carolina as a kid. The skins are cleaned and the fat is trimmed, just before taking a dip into the fryer for a crunchy finish.

Suggested drink pairing: The Smoking Dun for a nice balance between the smokiness of the drink and the saltiness of the skins.




Hot & Sour Ramen Better known as the go-to meal for college students, ramen has taken a whole new meaning across the nation with full-flavored broths and fresh ingredients. Gram & Dun is all in on this new food trend with their Hot & Sour Ramen bowl made with braised pork belly, soft boiled egg, fresh scallion, and ramen noodles in rich pork broth. Cozy up to a warm bowl and enjoy the forthcoming fall weather.

Suggested drink pairing: With a hint of Sriracha, Fowl & Fodder jazzes up the Ramen without being too spicy.




Beef Fat Fries Potatoes as nature intended them: hand-cut and fried in beef fat. These rich potato sticks are also available on Gram & Dun's regular menu, but why not enjoy them at the bar while you watch a Royals post-season game? (We believe!)

Suggested drink pairing: The Calling from Boulevard Brewing Co. The hoppiness cuts through the fat of fries and adds a bit of herbal and citrus hues.


Limited quantities of the Bar Eats menu are available daily starting at 4pm. For more information, please visit