2009 was a big year for the world. Barrack Obama was inaugurated as the first African American President of the United States. The King of Pop was distraughtly taken from the pop culture scene. The swine flu was deemed a global pandemic. Slumdog Millionaire won big at the Academy Awards, while Jersey Shore shook up reality. It was a big year for me as I entered my final year of high school, the real world of college looming.

It was also a big year for Bread & Butter Concepts CEO & Founder, Alan Gaylin. In fact, so big that if it wasn’t for that year, I probably wouldn’t be typing this sentence right now. It was 2009 when Gaylin, along with business partners Glynn & Jean Roberts, made his vision of creating a restaurant group a reality. Enter Bread & Butter Concepts (BBC): a group rooted in great food and hospitality.

It was a year before BBC was established when Gaylin and his business partners dreamed up the first concept of a modern day burger joint. They had the vision, but wern’t sure of the location. Gaylin and his wife, Bridget Grams, had lived in Kansas City for quite some time, with KC being Bridget’s hometown. When work temporarily took them to Pheonix, the two frequented Kansas City to visit friends and family. During those visits, he took notice of the flourishing culinary scene in the heart of America. The culinary scene was on the rise, and Kansas City was starting to garner national attention. It was then when he saw the perfect opportunity for an under-served market in suburban Prairie Village. Rich in retail, yet lacking casual dining options, Corinth Square in Prairie Village was the perfect setting for his first concept. Enter BRGR Kitchen + Bar: a modern day burger joint.

Six years later, we have grown to six restaurant concepts, eight restaurant units, and a whole lot of passionate people (over 450 people, in fact) to back up our operations. And we’re not stopping there: our expansion plans for 2014/2015 include two new concepts, G. Berto Cucina and República. Both concepts will bring on 10-15 additional executives & 80-100 staff.

With our ever changing and growing company, we want to share our journey with our most important assets: You. Our guests. Our friends. Our community. Our roots. This blog will be another avenue to extend our hospitality to you, and share our fondness for food and drink. Not only will we share the stories of the amazing dishes produced behind the scenes, but also the passionate people who make it happen. It will be a cultivation of all things Bread & Butter worthy, highlighting our expertise and passion for the restaurant industry itself. We hope it brings you a little closer to the heart and soul of what we do best: make great food.

Until next time!



Katy Zimmerman is the PR & Social Media Coordinator for Bread & Butter Concepts. Those tweets you sometimes giggle at? She giggles at them harder before anyone sees them.