What is your role at Bread & Butter Concepts? Started as a server/bartender at BRGR Kitchen, and now I'm the service manager at Urban Table.

How long have you been with us at Bread & Butter Concepts? I have been with the company from the very beginning!

Favorite part of your job? I enjoy the day to day interactions with guests and co-workers. Working in Prairie Village for so long has giving me the opportunity to know so many guests on a more personal level and to be able to sit down with them and have a conversation doesn't really feel like work. And I love the rush of a busy restaurant.

What would surprise people the most about you? I love to be outdoors. Love to do yard work. I wish I could go camping every weekend, especially kayaking.

Where are you originally from? I'm originally from Kansas City but I lived in Warrensburg, MO and Jefferson City, MO throughout high school.

Favorite Kansas City activity to do? Like to check out anything new!

Favorite place to eat in the city? Such a hard question, there are so many to chose from and it depends on where in the city but anywhere that has great Italian and/or seafood really. Lydia's, Drunken Fish, Trezo Mare, Gram & Dun, or The Capital Grill for brunch.

What do you do on your days off? I enjoy being around my family and friends. I love seeing my niece and nephews. I try to get away as much as possible. My best friend lives a couple hours south of KC so whenever possible I like to make it down south for a little down time. Usually during the summer we take the kayak on the river!!

Who do you most admire in life? My mother

Describe yourself in six words. Charismatic, friendly, honest, shy, motivated, and carefree

What’s the best memory or story you have at Bread & Butter Concepts? The first year we were awarded Best New Restaurant and Best Burger at BRGR Kitchen by the Pitch was really rewarding. The first year we had KU kickoff was also really fun. I never thought Corinth Square could fit so many people into the parking lot.