Our Butter Halves | Brittney Anderson


What is your role at Bread & Butter Concepts? Server/Bartender at BRGR Kitchen

How long have you been with us at BBC?  I've been working at BRGR for a little over 5 years now.

Favorite part of your job? The people!

What do you do on your days off? Play with my cat and hang out with friends.

Describe yourself in six words or less.  Energetic, confident, fun, and loving.

Where are you from originally? Kansas City

What's something about you that would surprise your coworkers? I'm the youngest of 6.

What's your favorite Kansas City activity to do? Barhop in Westport.

Favorite KC team? Royals!

What's the best memory or story you have at Bread & Butter Concepts? Pieing coworkers with whip cream on their last day.