What is your role at BBC? Currently Chef de Partie, focusing on pastry and bread.

How long have u been with us? 4 years in November. I've been here since opening day at Gram & Dun.

Favorite part of your job?

Seasonal menu changes. It always is so exciting to be able to work with new ingredients and change things up. I'm also am really in to making bread and playing with different doughs.

What's the biggest challenge?

Making everyone happy. Just like art, food is subjective. So pleasing an audience can be so difficult, that's why I try to look at the "bigger picture" when creating dishes.

Where do u get your inspiration for a dish?

Childhood memories can conjure up the most interesting. But I also love to travel and check out local farmers markets, the inspiration is endless. I read a lot to research what's going on outside of my daily bubble, not necessarily only food but design too. Also, in the kitchen I am surrounded by some seriously talented chefs that are always pushing the envelope, but it may also strike just from someone eating a bowl of fruity pebbles. Inspiration surrounds us, It's helpful to get out of your comfort zone, you never know where the next idea may come from.

What would surprise people the most about you?

I'm an introvert, so really anything would be surprising. But a lot of people don't know I have a BFA in graphic design with a 15+ year career as an Art Director/Graphic Designer.

Current flavor crush?

Cardamom. Where I grew up was highly influenced by different European cultures, our neighbors were Finnish and would bake Nisu bread (a cardamom sweet bread) for special occasions, that's where I fell in love with bread and cardamom!

Where are you from originally?

East of Cleveland, Ohio.

Favorite Kansas City activity?

Late Night Theatre. West Bottom Antiqueing. Wine tasting. Supporting any small local business:)

Favorite place to eat in the city?

Sunday supper at Cafe Europa and Story. But my favorite staples are Westport Cafe, Westside Local and Voltaire for their amazing collections of bourbon and vinyl.

What do u do on your days off?

Seek knowledge. I'm always working on side projects from helping someone build the interior of a space ship for a short film, to craft service for a local film, to building and designing plates for a dinner, and maybe creating a brand for a new business.

What's the best memory or story at Bread & Butter?

Where do I many stories! The New Belgium Beer Dinner comes to mind. Our team collaborated on some of the most amazing food and pairings I've seen come out of this kitchen. It's always nice to see what chefs can do outside of the regular set menu. Also last year at boulevardia, it was like a scene out of a movie, they opened the flood gates and we were mobbed. Chef Nathan created a sausage dish that was a play on the cocktail smoking dun. It was an amazing flavor profile that was so tasty, people bombarded our tent!