Our Butter Halves | Josh Tajchman


What is your role at Bread & Butter Concepts? Executive Chef at Urban Table

Where are you from originally? I grew up in a small KS town called Marion. I moved to sunny southern California at the age of 20, and recently moved back to the KC metro area to raise my family and continue my culinary career.

When was the moment you decided you wanted to be a chef? I took my first kitchen job at the age of 22. I was always very involved with team and competitive sports growing up and I quickly realized that the kitchen was very similar to a sports team, requiring complete focus and dedication from everyone on the team. I knew at that point that this was the career for me.

Briefly take me through your career. I started as a prep/line cook with my first kitchen job working at a westcoast chain store Claim Jumper in Thousand Oaks, CA. A new fine dining steakhouse, Mastros Steakhouse, was opening across the street from Claim Jumper. I was working both jobs and going to school pursuing a business degree. I was doing really well at Mastros within my first year there and decided to stay as they offered me my first sous chef position. Within 3 years I took the executive sous title, and 2 years later I was offered my first executive chef position out in Palm Desert, CA. Now I've brought my experience back with me to the Midwest and to Bread & Butter Concepts.

What’s your favorite type of food and/or dish to cook? I am definitely a meat and potatoes kind of guy!! My favorite cut of meat is the ribeye.

What are your proudest achievements or awards? Being a dad and husband to my beautiful wife (Alison Tajchman) and kids (Ian, Kaya, and Tatum). There is no greater reward or joy in life than raising a family and experiencing life with them.

What inspires you in the kitchen? Producing great food that people enjoy and come back for. Building guests for life is a philosophy I have. It is very rewarding to create something that people love.

What are you most looking forward to working with Bread & Butter Concepts? Continued success with my career. I enjoy training and sharing my experiences and knowledge with my team and people around me. Having a strong support team like the one at Bread & Butter Concepts is great, and I anticipate it will only get stronger as the company progresses into the future.