Our Butter Halves | Marco Albarran


What is your position at Bread & Butter Concepts? I'm a chef at Taco Republic

Where are you originally from? Acapulco, Mexico

Where was your first job? I stared in a small family business in Acapulco.

What do you like most about being a chef? I like meeting new people everyday and having the opportunity to learn about their culture and customs.

Do you have any tips or secrets to share that make cooking or like in general easier in the kitchen? Cooking is about having fun in the kitchen. If you’re stressed out all the time, you won't enjoy yourself and will be less likely to go into the kitchen the next time. Try switching up your routine, experimenting with new ingredients and getting out of your comfort zone. Cooking is like playing around with fundamental ingredients and making a big mess. For example, instead of using sugar try using some freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice to give your dish some surprising fruit kick. Build on what you know and branch out!

What's your favorite dish to prepare? Mole (Mexican dish) is one of my favorites because it gives me the chance to play with the diversity of its flavors and textures.

Who or what serves as your source of inspiration when you create dishes? Acapulco is my strongest source of creativity and inspiration.

What is your favorite thing about Kansas City? The friendly people