What is your role at Bread & Butter Concepts? General Manager of Urban Table and New Restaurant Opening Coordinator for República

How long have you been with us at Bread & Butter Concepts? One year on Father’s Day

Favorite part of your job? I love this business because every single day brings new people, new challenges, and new rewards. When it comes to our guests, we get countless opportunities to make someone’s day which is awesome each and every time. My favorite part, however, might just be listening to the interactions between employees. I cannot fathom a reality show that would have its viewers rolling on the floor laughing more so than the real life conversations, comments and reactions of our hourly team on a daily basis. I expect HBO to come knocking any day – this isn’t exactly made for network television.

What would surprise people the most about you? I will challenge and destroy any of you in Bible Trivia.

Where are you from originally? Harpersville, Alabama. A town of about 1,500 people where humidity & “Meat & Three” were invented.

Favorite Kansas City activity to do? Hard to beat tailgating at The K/Arrowhead.

Favorite place to eat in the city? Currently in a deliciously tricky love affair with Stroud’s, Jack Stack, and Pigwich. But honestly, who needs a restaurant when you share a home with the Executive Chef of Gram & Dun and República?

What about within Bread & Butter Concepts? I always seem to end up back where I started with the company - Taco Republic.

Who do you most admire in life? I’m a bit of a Momma’s Boy. Mrs. Frizzell is the most loving, hard-working, generous, Godly woman I’ve ever known. We’ve lived in different states for a decade; but she’s still my go-to for the most sound advice.

What’s the best memory or story you have at Bread & Butter Concepts? Thanksgiving 2014. This was our first attempt at offering a family-style carry out Thanksgiving Dinner from Urban Table (which was a huge success). It can best be described as about 26 straight hours from Wednesday morning through 1pm on Thanksgiving Day as splendid, controlled chaos. I mastered the art of frying 10 turkeys at once, with wind sprints between Urban Table and BRGR and multiple digital timers.  Nicole got a speeding ticket making a Red Bull run at 3am. And of course, the reinforcements arrived around 6am bright-eyed, bushy tailed, in clean clothes with their fancy little Starbucks cups asking us why we were dragging. When it was all said and done, we were able to feed about 70 families with nothing but great feedback. On a personal note, I look back fondly on this marathon shift as when I really took my SnapChat game to the next level.