What is your role at Bread & Butter Concepts? I'm a Graphic Designer at our corporate office.

How long have you been with us? One WHOLE week.

What’s your favorite part of your job so far? Aside from the crazy cool crew— they are some witty and darling folks— I just really love designing for all of the different BBC concepts. I got to dive right in to a place welcoming to all my weird (and cool!) ideas.

Software of choice? Adobe Illustrator, because I can do EVERYTHING in it, especially perfect my hand-drawn type. I like to start almost everything with good old pencil & paper.

Favorite Bread & Butter Concepts restaurant? Gram & Dun. The Pig Wings & Gumbo are my favorites.

Where did you work prior to Bread & Butter Concepts? Primarily, I did freelance and contract design work for places all around town. I will continue to do some of the cooler freelance work, for fun.

What is your greatest accomplishment? I’ve kept my fish, Huey (Lewis), alive since December… that’s kind of a big deal, right? Umm, I also made pretty perfect French macarons (lemon basil) on my first attempt.

Describe yourself in 6 words or less. Never enough coffee, music, or dresses.

Where are you from originally? I’m a KC native. I love adventuring in the rest of the world, but this is definitely home.

What’s your favorite Kansas City activity to do? I am absolutely in love with wandering in our antique stores in downtown/west bottoms; I love the feeling of being surrounded by other people’s stories. My runner-up favorite activities are: sipping on a great locally-roasted cup of coffee and hanging out at the Nelson-Atkins OR drinking some Reiger whiskey at a concert at recordBar.