What is your role at Bread & Butter Concepts? Director of Beverage

How long have you been with us? 24 days!

Where did you work prior to Bread & Butter Concepts? I started a consulting company, Liquid Minded Concepts, with some amazing friends and colleagues. Prior to that, I was involved in the bar programs at: Julep, Manifesto, Kill Devil Club, Gram & Dun, and the R Bar here in KC.

Favorite part of your job? The creative side – conceptualizing new menus; and eventually looking forward to spending time working with the individual bar staffs to help push them forward, and creating new drinks and programs as a team.

What’s the process like developing a bar program? I use a lot of Google Docs as brainstorming templates. When it comes to cocktails, I’m constantly jotting down notes and ideas from a variety of inspirations. A drink could begin with a random name I really want to use and work backwards from there, or it could begin with one of our food dishes that we really want to compliment with a beverage. Once I’ve got the concept and idea down, then it’s a matter of fine tuning, which we can get right on the first try (Smoking Dun!), rarely, or more often than not take weeks, if not months, to get just right.

Drink of choice? Conveniently for the upcoming República opening, I love Gin & Tonics. We’re going to start off with 7 unique and original G&T offerings, and continue to build from there. You can also catch me with a cheap beer and a shot on most Friday evenings.

Flavors you currently have a crush on? Rhubarb; Pickled anything and everything; Sherry.

Describe yourself in 6 words or less. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.

Where are you from originally? KC, but spent about 10 years up and down California.

What’s your favorite Kansas City activity to do? Die-hard Royals fan – no better escape than the K!

What’s the best memory or story you have at Bread & Butter Concepts? I don’t know about “best”, but walking out of Gram & Dun 4 years ago the night before the Grand Opening, in the pouring rain, only to find out my truck was floating down Brush Creek. That’s a tough one to forget.