Tomorrow is May Day, which also marks the start of National Burger Month. While every month may feel like National Burger Month at BRGR Kitchen + Bar, they are using this month as an excuse to throwback to your favorite pastime BRGR burgers in the form of a burger royale, so to speak. To participate, simple run your buns over to either BRGR-P&L or BRGR- Prairie Village anytime between May 1- May 31 and order one of the burgers off the #ThrowbackBRGR menu. Your order = Your VoteThe burger with the most votes will claim victory and a permanent spot on the menu. And not to worry, you can eat... eh I mean vote as much as you want. In fact, mass burger consumption is encouraged; it is National Burger Month the entire month after all. In the spirit of all things nostalgic, BRGR is holding a #ThrowbackBRGR contest. Help them throw it back by sharing your own May “end of the school year” memories. Do you have a ridiculous '80s prom photo? A pre-school graduation photo of your now fully-grown kiddos? Or maybe your senior class took an unforgettable trip. Dig 'em up and share them all month long.

To Enter:

  1. Post a photo of your favorite "end of the school year" memory with #ThrowbackBRGR and tag @BRGRKitchen.
  2. Follow @BRGRKitchen on Instagram and Facebook to see who wins.
  3. Winner announced every Thursday during the month of May and will receive one free burger of choice off the #ThrowbackBRGR menu.

And now, announcing the #ThrowbackBRGR burgers:

Chocolate Dessert Burger hazelnut chocolate burger, sliced kiwi and strawberries, doughnut bun, served with funnel cake fries


PC Burger pimento cheese, iceberg, special sauce kaiser bun.


Sheboygan Burger ground chuck & short rib blend, fried cheese curds, bacon sausage patty Wisconsin cheddar mustard, onion bun